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Tabernacle from the stage

The tabernacle is the Spiritual heart of Stoneridge. It was the first building built on camp. In the last 10 years, there have been more than 1,000 people saved at camp. Most of them made that commitment during a worship service in the tabernacle.

The three steps of the stage have served as an altar where many have given their burdens, promises and lives to Jesus.

You can seat up to 350 people for worship, teaching or a special presentation. During inclement weather, the chairs can be moved out of the way for group activities or a movie.

The stage is large enough for a small to moderate sized band. There is a projector with a large screen on the center of the stage for presentations and videos. A control booth at the back of the room has a sound board and connections for a laptop.

Fun fact: there was a big boulder where the tabernacle needed to go. When two bulldozers couldn’t move it, they decided to pour the foundation around it. It is literally built upon a rock.

Tabernacle Stage