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The facilities at Stoneridge are comfortable and handy. While the camp sits on 20 acres, the buildings are all within 200 yards of each other. Even at a leisurely pace, you can walk between facilities in less than a minute.

You might need the entire campground to host your summer camp, or just the multipurpose building for a family reunion or weekend retreat. Whatever your need, you’ll find the camp has exactly what you need.

Click any of the facilities below to learn more about each of them.


The tabernacle can seat up to 300 people when fully set up.

Multipurpose Building

The multipurpose building contains the lounge, the kitchen and dining hall, evangelist quarters, and cabins 1 & 2. It is the large building on the left of the photo.


There are 15 dorms of different sizes that can sleep up to 400 people.

Nurse’s Station

The nurse’s station sits between the multipurpose building and the volleyball court. It is the front half of the building in the right of the photo.


There are 8 pavilions of different sizes spread out across camp.

Concession Stand

We have a fully staffed concession stand where campers can buy sodas, candy, chips, ice cream, camp t-shirts and ice. The concession stand is generally only stocked during the summer camp season.