105 Lawrence Rd 155, Smithville, AR 72466 (870) 528-3525



There are 3 dorms that house 15 separate cabins. The chart at the bottom of the page shows the capacity of each cabin and which building houses it.

Each dorm has the same basic setup, but each one has its own unique feel. They all have bunk beds, their own restrooms, sinks, showers and HVAC systems. All the mattresses have been replaced within the last three years.

You’ll find them cozy, comfortable, clean and convenient. 

Multi-Purpose Building

Cabins 1–2:  18 ea.
Cabin 3: Reserved for cooks during summer
Evangelist’s Quarters: 2

By the Pool

Cabins 4–9: 24 ea.

By the Parking Area

Cabin 10: 40
Cabin 11: 42
Cabin 12: 40
Cabin 13: 46
Cabins 14–15: 26 ea.