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Multipurpose Building


The most used building on camp is the multipurpose building. Also referred to simply as the dining hall, it houses everything you need for a small retreat.


It has an industrial kitchen complete with ovens, deep fryers and a commercial stove. There are warmers and a steam table, an ice machine and commercial dish washer. Our staff cooks and serves school-style meals three times a day. We ask for adult volunteers from larger camps to help serve but take care of the rest.

Dining Hall

The dining hall has seating capacity for around 200. Large camps can’t all sit down at one time.  Many times, one group finishes eating before people at the end of the line get to sit down. Some camps get around this by staggering eating times.



The lounge area is a place with “comfortable” chairs and carpet. It’s not uncommon to see adults using the lounge as a study area (or napping area). Small groups of campers also use the carpet area to play card games. Smaller retreats use it as a mini tabernacle.

Cabins 1 & 2

These two cabins can sleep up to 18 each with a bathroom supporting each one.  They have a door to the outside as well as a door that leads into the dining hall.

Evangelist Quarters

The evangelist quarters give a quiet place for the speaker to retreat and prepare. They still have a bunk like everyone else, but they also have a recliner and their own mini fridge.